Just The Way You Are

​In your feeble attempt to uplift us 
I see only erosion of the feminine 
I lose all my dignity in your twerk 
Fake tits and ass dismembers all the work 
By all generations passed 
We are reduced to this and I am not impressed 
Just the way you are 
You think this empowers us? 
You think this makes us strong? 
My daughter coming of age 
I hope she won't play along 
She needs someone to look up to 
Someone who is not afraid to flaunt intelligence and physical flaws like they're all the rage 
I have many in this western eye but I believe I am beautiful 
Just the way you are 
In my leftist thinking I still find myself a prude 
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have my own brood 
So if you think to judge me I may judge you right back 
And then where will we be 
All alone and under attack feeling no love just the lack 
It's really none of my business what you think of me 
So I won't worry if you don't have my back 
I'm gonna give you some slack and know it's the love you lack 
Press on 
I can't explain it 
All I know is it makes me feel 
Like I want to scream and shout 
And this is my medium 
To how now to get through to you 
To Each and every one of you 
You're beautiful 
Just the way you are 
Don't let them drag you down 
Don't let them steal your fire

Human Love Song
​There is nothing that will stop this evolution 
You can be sure 
There is nothing that is certain unless you're looking for change 
You can be sure 
It's coming down now the wall between us 
This is my love 
Here is my love 
Take it if you need it and pass it around 
If there's something that's untrue 
This is illusion 
You can be sure 
There is something we can all do 
Yes I'm referrring to love


Standing on the tarmac, goin through the motions 
Climbing in the pilot seat , gonna make this thing scream 
Adrenaline is rushing, I can feel the power 
I can fly this machine, higher than I've ever been 
Slipstream it's the chance you take 
Slipstream the rules you break 
Slipstream feel the wind shake 
Pushin through the atmosphere 
I can feel the pressure 
Put it into the spiral dive 
Let' see if I can come out alive 
Adrenaline is rushing 
Watch the instruments spin 
I can fly this machine 
Higher than I've ever been

Matter of Time
​When the sky is broken
The wind it blows
Go with the flow
Before I make my next move
I need to know
Just a matter of time
And now the lake is frozen
Swans fly by
A tear in your eye
Before you make your next move
I need to know
So my heart is aching
Out in the cold
​Nowhere to go
Before I make my next move
I'll need to know
Just a matter of time
Behind your eyes 
I see all your lies
​Just a matter of time

​​R U getting this transmission as it's beaming across the nation
Gotta keep it tight
when u open the door 
when u say your prayers
don't be alarmed if u r heard
we all want 2 b heard

Excommunicate Me

It doesn't take a genius to see how far you'll go 
Take a ride in the backseat and you'll see it's the status quo 
I cut my teeth on tough stuff to see how far I could go 
Now the light of day is fading I'll bask in it's after glow 
Excommunicate me 
You had me on my knees 
I don't care how many tribes it takes to deceive 
Take me to the ocean 
I need to play in the waves 
I can't take this drama it's a drag 
It makes me feel depraved

Tides of emotion 
We go straight into the rhythm 
On the crest of the motion 
And we're drivin this emotion 
I'm ridin a 24 bit wave 
They're comin in sets of 4 
Right now I must be brave 
In this cage 
we carry our vitals 
bound by bone and sequestered there 
It's all midi'd up and perfectly synced 
It's a soulful groove time 
You provide the missing link 
A soulful groove time 
It's not in the search bar 
Finite and boxed 
It's in the travels afar and 
Right where you are 
It's just a vague notion 
Ridin on this ocean 
Another vague notion 
Don't let it slip away 
When the words come out to play

Ambient Field
​​It was the time when the violets pushed up from their roots
Spilling fragrance all across the steppes
It was rich and sweet and it filled the winters plain
It was an ambient field and I dipped my feet in dew
A continuous variable signal and it passed on through my veins
The world was young from streaming rivers to mountain high
The world was innocent
There were no ties that bind you down
Sustain and release
It was really really really
It was really really wild

​Sometimes I feel like that lone tree 
In a field, no one but me 
Firmly rooted reaching for the light 
Branches swaying all through the nite 
C'mon I've got something you need 
C'mon I've got something you breathe 
Like that tree, I'm on my way 
Gettin taller everyday 
If you stand under my blue shade 
I'll take your pain make it fade away 
C'mon I've got something you need 
C'mon I've got something you breathe 
Air Air Air you need 
Air Air Air you breathe 
It's not that hard to reach for the light 
Especially when it's burning bright 
There are days when I feel the fight 
And Lord knows I wanna be right 
Roots to the earth my arms go wide 
I dig in the dirt and you'll see why 
Roots to the earth my arms go wide 
I dig in the dirt to stem the tide 
Roots to the earth my arms go wide 
I dig in the dirt it's no free ride 
Roots to the earth my arms go wide 
I dig in the dirt I get misty eyed.

Heat Wave
​A blistering heat wave 
Sweat pours off my brow 
I find you sleeping 
Under cedar bough 
I want to wake you 
But you look so alive 
The race is ending and Jupiter is on the rise 
It's getting so hot in here 
I can't take it no more 
A twisting of reason 
The truth gets left behind 
You want to be counted 
You shouldn't have to lie 
If you notice a difference 
You've been looking way too hard 
The moon is still circling 
Old ideas we discard

I'm seeing things differently 
Then I had ever imagined 
I'm seeing it a different way 
I'm sure that there's somebody out there 
Who knows what I mean 
It's not that I don't understand 
In fact I'm clear about it 
Then I made my plan 
I get smug about it 
I don't know what it takes to make it nicer here 
Do you know what I've learned was to look in my own mirror 
Diversity is the expression of the one 
I am craving connectivity 
Ev'ry man for himself 
That is a lonely road 
and he is oh oh so alone 
I'm sure that there's somebody out there 
Who knows how he feels

More Than We Know
​Just because you don't see it feel it measure it 
There is far beyond the stars 
There is more than we know 
Just because you dont see it 
Doesn't mean it's not there 
Just because we don't measure it 
Doesn't mean it's not there 
Just because we don't feel it 
Doesn't mean it's not there

Burning Down

Nature boy you worked me out just like thunder and lightning 
Now the fire's burning down down down 
Down the trees into my ground 
Burning down 
The hum of the cicada 
The rustling of the leaves 
Smoke and ash are falling 
And here am I ,I'm on my knees 
Burning down 
I used to love the life of storms 
All that thunder and lightning 
Rushing out to feel the wind on me 
Negative ions that I can feel

Amnesia (of the 21st Century)

​Dinosaur guts spilled on the beach 
Into the water inking the deep 
Amnesia of the 21st century 
Sometimes at night I lay awake 
All of the children 
Feel the heartbreak 
Amnesia of the 21st century 
I don't want to fight like this 
Work passed this tipping point 
We could find the love we have for one another 
Words on the wall speak of the hate 
Most of us here don't want to wait 
Amnesia of the 21st century 
Fear becomes loathing 
Even the young 
Walk on our lines of a smoking gun 
Amnesia of the 21st century 
A word to the wise 
Tackle the day 
Tear down the walls 
Find a new way

Letting Go

​After many a year as a motherless child 
Something that seemed to be innocuous 
Has now become jarring and tenuous 
You're taking a part of me with you 
And now it's the letting go 
It's been so many times 
I've been thinking of you 
And what you have meant to me 
It's hard for us 
Sometimes I run far in my mind 
When you came to me in a dream shining 
And what you had said to me 
You lifted me and you didn't leave me 
Hangin on

Pretentious Punk
​In the night time when there's no written rules 
Pasty faced boys line up like fools 
You never know which one she's gonna choose 
Here she goes lightin up her fuse 
She's pretty stylish in her steam punk junk 
She lets you know about her deepest funk 
Watch out! 
She's a pretentious punk 
Oh the next day 
the sun's so bright 
Now you see her in a different light 
So hungover still high as a kite 
But alway ready for a fight 
What was it that pulled you 
Her dark heart so full of sin 
Her eyes shot you like a dart 
You'd follow her to the deepest dark


I'm driving way too fast (she's so dangerous) 
The open road demands it of me 
And I really know I'm just running away 
It feels so good with the PSB pumpin my stereo 
It's jumpin in my stereo 
Why do you always make it so easy for me 
To love you so bad while I run away 
They said that this won't last (he's so dangerous) 
I've never done what others told me 
And I really feel this change will do me good 
And it feels so good with the PSB pumpin in my stereo 
It's jumpin in my stereo

Butterfly on Bone
​I am a collector of bones 
And I like butterflies 
You can see them all around me whenever I close my eyes 
And she said to him 
Jupiter's rising 
And you are so tantalizing 
Lets trip the light fantastic 
He is a collector of souls 
And he lacks feeling 
You can see them all around him 
Trophies that are reeling 
What difference does it make 
If they like you or not 
Just follow your heart 
Burn it up like a megawatt

Tick Tock
​Early in this Paris morning
I'm sitting in the station
I'm waiting for my ride
But it never does arrive
He's very inconspicuous
You'd never know he's there
But there's something about him
And I'd follow him anywhere
Tick tock 
I can hear your heartbeat
tick tock 
I can feel your heartbeat
when you're next to me
Before I know what's happening
'm climbing up these stairs
It's dark and foreboding 
And he doesn't see me there

I Am A Driver
She found herself on the ground
Under the belly of Nimbus
Helpless and inspired
Nothing between herself and the maker
I am a driver
​A real world survivor
I'll never tire
Crash course in desire 

​I am a driver
I'll light your fire
I'll get you in just under the wire
She turned on the big engine
4 wheels spinnin under her
Broken and alone
Everything and nothing is inside you

I like to move it 
The world is turning 
seems it never stops 
The sun keeps burning 
we can see it's spots 
I like to move it 
A constant motion like the solar system 
I can hear the music 
Won't you feel it with me 
A universal rhythm 
Listen to that beat 
Won't you won't you let it creep 
'Til it reaches your feet 
'Til it reaches your feet 
Listen to that beat 
Won't you won't you 
Let it creep