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Rick the Rock McClure of Eclectica n' Fusion Radio in San Antonio Texas had these nice things to say about us
"The first 3 songs mentioned in the below post by Vague Notion (Cheryl and Bevan) are phenomenal!! I've Aired all 3 on my Radio Broadcast and Everyone with me in the Chat Room raved about how great they were. I watched VN grow over the past 3 years into a Superb Band, and they continue to raise their own bar! They have a very bright future! I recommend checking out their Brilliant creations! 😊👍👍"
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Keith Whitham of the fantastic show Wired on Globe Gig Radio , musician for Deadlights and administrator for E-Con Records :

I like eponymous albums, gives you an excuse for not trying to tie the whole thing down under a title that usually bears no resemblance to the tracks on it. Meter Bridge rather thoughtfully did the same and released a beauty of an album. Also from the cold vast lands of Canada, Vague Notion, another synthetic duo have produced a work of staggering clarity and professionalism coupled with some tunes of real beauty. 
 The record kicks off with the quite splendid, "Human Love Song." Its very title conjures images of a pissed off robot a-lookin for lurve and all that malarkey and the regimented verse and clipped vocals do nothing to dispel the, er, notion. The track is held together by a strange distorted bass-driven galloping arp that is extremely clever. "There is nothing that is certain unless you're looking for change" intones the singer, quite correctly and in the chorus she takes on an almost Siouxsie-Sioux feel to her voice that's really nicely chorused to give it depth and weight. A work of fantastic production. Not the catchiest track on the album, but one of the most complicated, and that elusive catchiness is certainly coming your way fast...
My introduction to Vague Notion was the track "More Than We Know, " and I'll have to say I was hooked straight away. Cheryl's vocal acrobatics are in full evidence and Bevan, the other half of this duo makes an impressive appearance on vocal duties too. The theme of the track builds slowly, drops off then explodes in a firework of extraordinary colourful vocals, well crafted tunes but also a rather worried, nervy vibe. The minor chords definitely make the brow furrow and you end up spending some of the verse sections hoping she's going to be okay. Then comes the gorgeous little break and in a maelstrom of beautifully pitched note-reaching, everyone is reassured again. 
Track three is where it becomes apparent that this album has been to the gym and lifted a few weights. A heavier, more muscular verse section, with a slightly nastier sound gives way to a really pleasant and well put together chorus. "Brave" has other little treats in store with Cheryl imploring us all to, "Come now, be Brave!" over the sliding glitched out beats and tunes. The band's name receives a name check too, which despite the danger of naffness, actually gets away with it. This is a track that takes a couple of listens to get under the skin of, and when it hits you, it's a glorious wave of Groove Armada type melodic wanderings that can easily melt the unsuspecting brain. Beware. Marvellous. 
"Mirror" is a serious work. In every department this track takes you by the hand and leads you into a ghostly little world of over-happiness and even smugness. Cheryl's startling vocals drape themselves all over this work as she grins happily at all the sad sacks on the planet, rubbing salt in the wounds by claiming she doesn't  "know what it takes  to make it nicer here." It's full of confidence that's reflected by the stomping feel of the synths. If you're missing a little positivity in your life, feeling a little underwhelmed with yourself, start here. This track should be prescribed,  taken intravenously twice a day and put on permanent repeat prescription. A wonderful work that has deservedly earned the band a nomination in a local Music Awards. 
"Ambient Field" begins with a low growl expanding out into a plethora of wonderful sounding and beautifully mixed instruments. The subtle percussion and melodic random guitar parts back up the cleverly glitched synth work and perfectly balanced piano. Cheryl's voice appears like a warm ghost, and what a voice this track has too. Rich and dark with a bootful of emotion, she effortlessly covers most of the notes known to man without fuss and almost becomes another instrument in herself. A really wonderful  track, full of beauty, emotion and solid song writing.
"Transmission", introduced with one hell of a crash feels like a call to arms for all producers of underground music. The almost dub-step wubs of the bass sit under Cheryl's panned voice as it flickers across the speakers shouting that,  "we all want to be heard." Hear hear. It's more than likely that it's about something else entirely but I'm writing this and so therefore I'm right. You can argue amongst yourselves afterward :-). We're even treated to a little flute solo at the end which is a cheery affair and actually nicely crafted into the mix.
 "Antidote" clicks its way onto the speakers to close things up,  with Cheryl proclaiming that she likes "to move it, " and the tempo shifts up accordingly. The production here is supremely clever and complex. The bass lines dive in and out of the mix, all sorts of spaced out effects flutter about the track like nightingales in mating season. A lovely, optimistic slab of happiness that everyone needs on occasion. Brilliant.
I can only congratulate Vague Notion on this release. The tunes are made up equally by the remarkable instrumentation and Cheryl's quite beautiful far ranging voice. The lyrics are full of hope, of grabbing opportunities while you can and living life to the fullest and experiencing everything you can. This song writing is solid and intelligently arranged across the board. Both members of the band are credited with the instrumentation and production and consummate they are too with some rocket science moments sitting comfortably in with the more traditional arrangements. A really strong debut album, and you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a second or even third effort. A highly original and recommended release.

Liza Niklin admin. of E-Con Records also had nice things to say
"One of THE hottest releases this year. The composition is exceptional"
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Cheryl was invited to submit  her very first electronic track to this superb compilation put out by John Peacey of Chip Shop Studios and Microchip Junky. There are actually 2 and they are free downloads! ​

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​Troy Masters of E-Con Records  about our new album
"I am completely gobsmacked by the sheer quality of this album. How wonderful and lush your album is. The production is faultless and so warm....and the songs are all so beautifully crafted."
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​Midnight Radio included our song "Human Love Song" on this fine compilation. A free download!!

DJ Rusty Egan of  The Electronic Family Tree on Mi Soul Radio and Visage fame said of their track I Am Driver "Just listen! It's really very good."

Johnny Normal of Abnormal productions and The Johnny Normal radio show  on Radio Warwickshire said of their song Transmission 
  "This song gives me chills"

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